Meet the Founders: David Reuille

David Reuille

One day, a kid from Fort Wayne, Indiana took a break from his studies as a sculptor to try his hand in dancing.

“I was, prior to my dance obsession, a sculpture major in college,” said David Reuille, co-founder and artistic director of Apex Contemporary Dance Theatre. “I took a dance class on a whim. I was hooked.”

Fast-forward to 17 years later, we find that same kid leading his own company with the help of co-founder and president Heidi Nichter.

While Apex is barely a year old, Reuille’s resume spans 15 years across the US and in six countries. Among the companies he’s helped choreograph: Dayton Contemporary Dance Theatre, Lexington Ballet, Anderson Young Ballet Theatre, Gem City Ballet and the Illinois Ballet–just to name a few. For many years, Reuille resisted starting his own company because he knew the challenges and “the daunting amount of work involved in running an arts organization.” But when presented the opportunity, he jumped on it.

“I am not sure what the actual trigger was, but a series of events coincided to bring me to the inevitable conclusion that now was the time and place to start this new journey,” he said. “It has been the largest single challenge of my life and I have grown so much I can not even remember what it felt like before.”

Apex founder David Reuille in costume for the Jungle Book, Oct. 17-18 in Parker. Click Here for details!

Apex founder David Reuille in costume for the Jungle Book, Oct. 17-18 in Parker. Click Here for details!

Photo: Bruce Norman Photography

Reuille’s next challenge is The Jungle Book, which comes out Oct. 17-18. He says it’s his favorite show Apex has done to date.

“Every next show gets that much better than the last,” he said. “We have come so far in such a short amount of time. It is amazing to have a great group of artists to work and grow with.”


2 Responses to “Meet the Founders: David Reuille”

  1. 1 Carol Klinger
    October 14, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    It’s great to know that you can still have a dance career even when starting so late. What other famous dancers have started that late?

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