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A great thanks to all who helped to put the show together. This was one of those dream come true moments for me as an artist. To collaborate with so many amazing people: avante garde cellist Zoë Keating, textile enchantress Lynne Bruning, and the amazing dancers at Apex created an energy that is hard to express. The end result was a show that is sensually stunning. We received an almost immediate standing ovation from a Tuesday night audience that packed Chautauqua auditorium. We also had some amazing artists working behind the scenes to record the process. Dennis St. John at Veria Technologies Inc and Adam Tyler at Spin Echo Industries filmed the process from beginning to end with video clips and a full documentary of the creation of the show which will be coming out soon! Here is a sneak peek filmed at dress rehearsal.

The reviews for the show were glowing and you can read them by clicking on the links below.

Culture Mob by Chrysta Brown

World Dance Reviews by Donald K. Atwood

Denver Post by Sabine Kortals

The Ruckus by Tiffiny Kallina


Excitement Builds

Lynne Bruning joined Apex Dance in the studio for the first time yesterday, bringing her amazing designs and ideas into our world. What an incredible performance is being built with so many talented artists. Check out Lynne’s blog post about the event at her blog The Twisted Warp.


Summer Dance Workshops

Photo by Bruce Norman

Do you want to continue your dance training over the summer but can’t afford the travel and housing costs associated with out of town workshops?

We have just what you are looking for! Apex is holding our first summer dance workshop right here in Colorado. This is an amazing week of classes in 3 different styles of dance – ballet, jazz, and modern. These classes will be taught by Apex’s artistic directors Heidi Nichter and David Reuille.

We are extremely excited about this program and hope that you will be able to join us. During this week-long program not only will student work in-depth on three different dance techniques,  they will also learn repertory choreography for a final performance on the last day of this intensive.

This summer, Apex’s professional dance company will be performing with cellist Zoe Keating in an amazing collaboration. more details
Students at the workshop will be part of Artistic Director David Reuille’s initial creative process for this show. This is a unique and amazing experience! Students will participate in the creative process and be part of movement phrases as they are developed and adapted for the professional company.

We are excited for you join us and be part of our creative process!

Please visit the link below to begin your registry:



And we’re back!

Hello everyone and sorry for the long pause! We wrapped up the Jungle Book and will now move onto our next project Imagine, which will come out March 6.

Stay tuned for weekly updates and articles!


Boulder’s Dance Bridge wins Colorado Dance Award

Congratulations to Dance Bridge of Boulder for winning the Colorado Dance Award for Service to the Field (for Organizations) on Saturday.

Dance Bridge was established by the Boulder Arts Commission and serves as a news and discussion center for Colorado’s dance scene. According to its website, Dance Bridge is

a multi-faceted project aimed to broaden public participation in dance through support, promotion and the centralization of services and resources. The Dance Bridge acts as a clearing-house for dancers and dance-related activities in the area.

Dance Bridge has also listed Apex events in the past, so we’re very glad they’re recognized for their work in promoting dance in Colorado! Kudos! Check out their website to learn more.


Dance in the News: Cirque du Soleil on Jay Leno!

Cirque du Soleil

We just caught Cirque du Soleil‘s Kooza performance on Jay Leno and it was awesome! “Kooza” is a two-and-a-half traveling show that will feature clowns, crazy acrobats and colorful costumes (nothing new, but nonetheless awesome!) The show will run until Dec. 20.


Telling a Story Through Dance (or not)


Earlier, we looked at the differences between ballet and modern dance. One of those main differences—whether or not the performance tells a story—can confuse some people. This brings us to one common phrase uttered by the virgin dance audience:

“I have no idea what’s going on right now.”

Dance doesn’t always have to tell a story, as songs don’t always have to have lyrics. There’s no right or wrong way to perform, just two very different results. In this article, we’ll check out Continue reading ‘Telling a Story Through Dance (or not)’

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